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Docteur en tenant la main du patient

Fees & Rates

Here are the fees and rates of the Office. We favor a simple and clear pricing structure and do not offer packages. You only pay for what you need.

Please note that the same rates apply whether the visit is conducted in-person, virtually, or over the phone.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Annual Registration
95$ per person

Please note, priority for appointments is given to customers who have paid their annual registration. Depending on availability, we will be happy to see people who are not registered. For these, an administrative fee of $50 per visit, regardless of the reason or duration, will then be added to the usual rates described below.

Annual Preventive Exam
475$* per person

The annual/preventive exam includes an initial 45-minute in-person meeting with the doctor, covering: medical history, lifestyle, vaccinations, systems assessment, physical exam, recent exams and additional tests if applicable as well as prescription and/or renewal of medications. A second 15-minute follow-up meeting is planned thereafter.

Non-registered initial consultation
250$* per person

In addition to the questionnaire and physical examination, this consultation includes a brief medical history as well as a medication review.

Initial consultation follow-up

same medical problem

Consultations for registered patients

15 minutes or less: 125$

30 minutes or less: 245$

45 minutes or less: 365$

Forms and certificates
Certificate for school or work

outside of a medical consultation: 50$

SAAQ form

outside of a medical visit, for a known patient**: 85$

including the necessary medical examination: 250$

Insurer form

for short-term disability / known patient**: 85$

for long-term disability/known patient**: 250$

Renewal of prescription(s) for a known patient**

outside of the annual/preventive examination at the request of the pharmacist or the patient

Communications and discussions

necessary for abnormal results outside of the annual preventive examination

Other expenses

*In certain cases, lower fees may apply depending on the nature of the problem and the duration of the meeting. Conversely, in agreement with the patient, higher fees could apply for a consultation requiring more time.

**A known patient means a registered person who has had a recent medical visit with the doctor.

The same rates apply whether the visit is made in person, virtually or over the telephone.
Simple and clear pricing is favored, and no packages are offered. You pay for what you need.

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